DHA City Karachi

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is the largest and most advanced project of Pakistan setting a benchmark for the future cities in the country and abroad. The prime aim of DHA is to plan and build an ideal city where standards and quality of life will be raised. This promising project of DHA ensures exemplary, complacent and contemporary lifestyles to the citizens which none other has offered before in Pakistan.
Embracing the principles of sustainability, DCK is focusing on urban development that minimizes the impact on the environment and improves the quality of life of the community without compromising the needs of future generations.DCK is the First, Planned, Sustainable and Green City of Pakistan certified by Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure USA.State-of-the-art development work is in full swing and the city will be livable by 2015-16.
DCK has undertaken a number of initiatives to add value to the existing landscape of DCK involving world class professionals in the field. Some of the iconic projects include establishment of first Solar Park, Educational & Healthcare setups, Villas & Farmhouses, Golf Resort, Theme Park and DCK Masjid etc.

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