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    Location Highlights

    Bahria Karachi Sight Seeing Bus Tour is perfectly placed between the twin cities and offer unparalleled comfort.

    • 3-Minutes’ drive from Bahira Expressway
    • Closer to Embassies & Consulates
    • Surrounded by Banks, Restaurants, and Shopping Malls
    • In the center of Bahira Town Phase 7
    • Accessible from Rawalpindi & Islamabad


    Bahria Town Karachi is transforming as a modern city within the largest city of Pakistan. The administration has committed to provide almost every facility within this premises. The inhabitation is growing with the passage of time and now a number of families have moved in to this arena. Apart from facilitating residents with all living needs at their doorsteps, Bahria Town Karachi Sightseeing Bus Service is wonderful for visitors as well as residents. But the main issue is lack of commuting means towards the main city centers where residents have to go on daily basis for their jobs and other needs. Realizing this requirement for the residents and all others, Bahria Town Karachi has taken a great initiative of Free Shuttle Service to Malir and Sohrab Goth.
    Bahria Town Karachi Free Shuttle Service to Malir & Sohrab Goth
    Bahria Town Karachi has started two buses for FREE shuttle service towards Malir and Sohrab Goth from today Ist October 2018. It will be very beneficial for all and will work as a pick/drop service for them. One bus is dedicated for the route towards Malir Halts (Printing Press) and the other one will lead you Sohrab Goth.

    • Bus No.1 From Bahria Town Karachi To Malir Halts (Printing Press)
    • Bus No 2 From Bahria Town To Sohrab Goth

    Details and Route of Free Shuttle Service
    Both these busses will complete three trips from Bahria Town Karachi to the respective destination in the day. Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 10 will be the starting point of the journey and returning back to the same point will mark a complete trip. The route timings have been displayed on the schedule and the service will start each day early in the morning at 7:15/7:30 from Bahria Town Karachi.

    Bahria Town Karachi to Malir Halts (Printing Press)
    BTK Precinct 10 > F/M Tower > Precinct 2 > BTK Main Gate > Dunba Goth > Old Toll Plaza > Falcon House > CP # 5, 6 > Model Colony > Malir Halt Printing Press

    Bahria Town Karacho to Sohrab Goth
    BTK Precinct 10 > F/M Tower > Precinct 2 > BTK Main Gate > Dunba Goth > Old Toll Plaza > Sabzi Mandi > Maymar Mor > Daewoo Bus Terminal > Sohrab Goth
    This bus service is one of the finest addition among other facilities of Bahria Town Karachi and much needed. The management has taken the right step just at the right time and we can hope that number of buses will increase in future.